Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Quilt

I went digging in all the tops I have that need to be quilted and I pulled out this one.
I have quite a few of my own that I would love to work on but most of them need bordeers and I'm too lazy to add them right now (the mechanic drives the worst car - right)
I put it in the frame last week and just haven't started working on it until yesterday. I'm using red thread on the red and white thread on the white. I sure hope I don't screw it up.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finished and Sold

I spent all day Saturday working on the binding. Something that should have taken a little while turned into an all day affair, I planned on spending the entire day in the sewing room but noooo - every time I turned around someone was coming over.
It was just one of those days.
I tried a scallop edge but decided I didn't like it and ended up with a straight edge with curved corners.

I just love the binding - I think it makes it pop.

I was going to put it on my sisters website Inchworm Fabrics to sell but a friend of mine just had to have it. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

This is me

This says it all.
I need to have it printed life size and maybe my husband will get the message.

I really don't like cooking anymore. Maybe it's because of all the cleaning. Come to think about it I make more messes and do more cleaning in the sewing room ---hmm

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moonlit Garden

I did something for the very 1st time - I started a Block of the Month.
When I 1st saw Moonlit Garden over at Homespun Hearth I just couldn't resist. I like to paper piece to begin with and these colors were awesome.
So I have received 4 months so far and I decided I needed to start putting them together.
This is January - in the fabric from the BOM 
 And I figured as long as I was making one (that will be written on my gravestone) that I would do one in some of my fabric.
My husband likes my fabric better -
I like both

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Owl Quilt #2

I took the second owl quilt out of the frame Friday. I've meant to put some pictures on here but never found the time. I still need to do the binding and then I will post the finished quilt. I believe I like this one better than the last.

I have a question for anyone that can help. When I view my blog all I see are the posts. I can't see any of my sidebar info. I can see it on my phone.
What have I done on my computer that prevents me from seeing my sidebar info?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Block Swap

I have been running so behind on my blocks for the Block Swap Adventure
Here is my block for my June partner. She wanted a paper pinwheel in bright colors.
I must admit this was an easy one to do.
Then I had my May block. She wanted a star and I thought I would test myself a little.
This is the block I ended up making.

After I made this one.
 This looks great from a distance
I tweeked it a bit and decided to send it along anyway.
As you can see my thread tension isn't very good. I need to have my machine serviced.

I tried a little fabric folding and made this to cover up the mess in the center. I thought the button was kinda cool but that can be changed. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Work

I put this owl quilt in the frame last week and I finally started quilting on it this past weekend. There are a few differences from the last one.

 I just realized why there is such a difference with the pictures. The darker ones I took next to the light on the machine.
 This is closer to the real color

 I didn't have enough stripe fabric for the border so I made pinwheels. This picture doesn't show the quilting as well as I would like
 If you look close enough you can see the quilting in the sashing
It was a rainy weekend and if I had started quilting to begin with I would have finished. But I played with other things. Actually I should have cleaned house - maybe next weekend

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Italy Surprise

My daughter just got back from Italy and sent me a nice little gift. I now have more fabric for my stash and if you think I have a big fabric stash you should see my earrings. I can add these 2 beauties to my collection.

I now have the other owl quilt put together and almost ready for the frame. I still need to find the time to mark it. 

And you talk about a bust. I spent my weekend working on these star blocks. I made 2 of each - one for my block swap partner and one to use for a clock. I'm not happy with either one.
So what do you do with something that doesn't work out - trash it ??
I definately won't be using these for anything - I ashamed to even think that I made them.

I can probably use this one but it's 16" from tip to tip. Maybe I can do some flying geese around it and use it as a starting point for a new quilt top
And to top it all off I'm having trouble with my blog. When I look at it it lists all the post then lists all the gadgets on the sidebar underneath. It isn't doing it for anyone but me (sounds like a song). I would love to know what I've done.