Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Stash

Here is a small portion of my stash - of course it just keeps on growing.

A Little History

    I have been quilting for about 40 years. My sisters and I used to make cardbord templates and cut each piece and string them together until we got ready to hand sew them. No rotary cutter or Accuquilt Go. We didn't have a wide variety of fabric - just a shoe box of scraps of our grandmother's. I still have the 1st quilt I made from those scraps. The top is still in fairly good condition but the backing is in shreds. I do need to fix it one day. But that's one of those projects that gets put off.
    I am striving to make the most perfect awesome quilt - one day.
    I do alot of sewing and alterations (to help pay bills), work a full time job and attempt to keep up the house. Of course the housework gets put off til last. I think I have about 5 loads of cloths on the couch right now needing folding. Until about a few years ago I just quilted here and there, now I've gotten a little more active. I really like making show quilts.
    My mother and 3 sisters are all quilters as well, only one works a full time job. We would love to have more time to spend on it - maybe someday.  I have always hand quilted until earlier this year and I got a machine quilter. Now to perfect that.
   This is on I did for a contest - a little plain but the hand work is great.

Stack - n - Whack

I really got into stack and whack - I made both of these from the same fabric.