Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Life Goes On

I'm not completely back but thought I'd put a few things I've made.

1st up is a "B" i did for one of my grandsons
I made him one when he was really little and for 2 years he's been
asking me to make him a blue "B"
It's not blue but he loves it.

Next up is some patterns I've been drying today
These were part of the flood and believe it or not they were still wet
after 7 months.
I did manage to save a few things
We moved back in the house around the middle of December.
One of the first real projects I did was make this lap quilt for my husband.
The one he had was a little small
This was made using some flood fabric.
I had a fat quarter bundle that I just couldn't throw away -
so I was able to cut 4"squares between the mud stains.

On a sadder note he passed away last month.
I put this in with him since he was always so cold.
I'm still having trouble and  not doing alot of sewing.
Still have alot to do to get the house finished -
I will get to it eventually.
And I will try to get back to blogging -
Don't give up on me!!!