About Me

   I was raised in the Army, have 3 sisters and a brother. We traveled all over and now are scattered all over.

   My older sister lives in Washington and operates Inch Worm Fabrics. I'm the second and I live in Louisiana where I have a full time job and I do alterations and piece work. The next in line is Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb and she just moved from America Samoa to Virginia. The one boy - my brother lives not to far from me here in south Louisiana - he just got married for the 4th and final time. Our baby sister lives in north Louisiana by our mother, she is now in charge of our family blog Quilters Corner.

    I'm on my second and last marriage. I have 2 daughters and 5 -(soon to be 6) grandchildren.

My grandmother had shoe boxes (not many) with scraps folded nice and neat that I used for my 1st quilt. It took forever to cut it out - no rotary cutters or GO cutters back then. We made a cardboard pattern and had to cut each piece seperately. We would then string each block on thread so it didn't get scattered (I use zip locks now - so much easier) and then we hand sewed the blocks together. This process took forever but since we only had a few channels on TV, and our father controlled that, (boy am I ever showing my age)we didn't have much else to do. 

Anyway, I still have that quilt. The backing has shredded off and the front (Dresden Plate) isn't too much better.

The quilting frames we used were made from 1x4's and were hung from the ceiling. I love the lap frames that are out now.

Most of my adult life I have been in places that I couldn't hang a frame so I haven't done a whole lot of quilting. So I have been sewing professionally since around 1981. Now I have different size lap frames for the hand quilting and a Queen Quilter that I just love. I have rotary cutters, mats and an awesome stash - I'm uptown now.