Monday, October 26, 2015

Works in Process

I fell in love with these patterns.
This one is Fine China.
I kept looking at the kit when it was on Craftsy but wouldn't let go of the money.
So my sister bought me the pattern and I gathered up the fabrics from my stash.
This is one quilt that having the kit would have been worth it.
 I added the embroidery medallions.
This is just the center section.
I think I'll just add a few borders and call it quits. 
This is one that I did order the kit from Craftsy.
It might look hard but I found it pretty easy since it was paper pieced.
I even enlisted my husband to remove the paper.
Since the quilt is for him that's the least he could do.
It's not finished yet but I couldn't wait to show some pictures.
I took it out of the frame last night and I'll put it back in tonight.
I need to finish some places that I couldn't do at that rotation. 
I'm really proud of the center medallion.
It's one I digitized - I'm learning 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Longmeadow Applique Quilt

For all you applique lovers, I found this free monthly download
You will have to purchase the middle block but the others will be given monthly at Sycamore Hill Quilts
I just love applique quilts like this.
I just don't make the time to do them.
One day