Sunday, November 14, 2010

Microstitch Tool

I noticed on bejeweled quilts by Barb that she posted about pinmoors and I just thought I would let everyone know about the microstitch tool. This is like the old booteneer(spelled wrong) except it has smaller fasteners. I find this is so much easier than using pins. I don't have to keep track of where I take them out or where I put them. I have the same problem as Barbara (CRS). Anyway it is something to look into. It also has a 3.4mm fastener to use (on what else) to stack-n-whack. Love my toysMicro Stitch Starter Kit


Needled Mom said...

I wasn't crazy about the old one as I found that it broke some of the threads in the fabric when I was using it. Is the micro that much smaller?

Barb said...

Margaret, I had one of those guns but it broke on me...I only used it for about 6 quilts and then that was disappointing because I truly loved it. So is this a better one than the one I had? I forgot the name of it????