Thursday, March 15, 2012

Strips and Salsa

I had to hurry up and finish that last quilt so I could put another one into the frame for another customer. So what did I do --- I started piecing another quilt top. Like I needed another one right now.

I managed to get all the pieces put together in one day. Very easy pattern. Used up alot of my 2.5" scraps. I did plan ahead on this one and bought some blue fabric for the backing  -  I didn't want to use white again.
I couldn't stand it and had to lay it out to see what it was going to look like. No matter that I had the pattern and could see what it looked like, it's different when you actually have the pieces made up.

I layed out these and sorted thru the rest of the pieces and decided to quit.  --- 
I didn't want to spend the time having to pick it all up.

Now I have to put it aside and get that quilt in the frame and started.

Of course that's after I spend the weekend in the yard getting THAT mess cleaned up. My brother and his wife are coming over to help with that and we'll just have to do a crawfish boil to reward our efforts  - 

I can't wait (for the crawfish)

My mouth is watering already


wackywoman said...

Oh, that is going to be a cute quilt. So jealous of your crawfish boil. Do you watch American Idol? One of the contestants misses his crawfish being away from Louisiana.

Gene Black said...

The quilt looks fun, but the crawfish make my mouth water!