Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anyone seen this?

I bought this quilt kit a while back because I really liked the fabric. I wasn't crazy about the pattern but I figured I could do something with fabric. And I did.

Remember my BOM's. The first row is using the fabric that was sent with the BOM.
The second row is using this lodge quilt kit.
I really liked the 1st row fabric and that was a big factor in ordering the BOM.
After I got it I thought I would try one using a different fabric and the lodge quilt kit was sitting there so I figured 'why not'.

Now the problem. I didn't think ahead and now I won't have enough fabric to make a decent size quilt (I don't think it would work for a baby quilt)
And if anyone would happen across this kit I would gladly pay.
I have been looking but haven't been very successful.
I would appreciate the help -- Thanks


wackywoman said...

Simply a m a z i n g!

Rosa said...

Beautiful!!Hope you get the fabrics.

LynCC said...

Wow! I love both effects. Good luck finding the fabrics you need - That is not one of the many MANY unopened kits in my possession. :(

Gene Black said...

Gee, I kinda like the two sets together. how big a quilt does the BOM make? Could you use the others to make it bigger - or maybe as a part of the backing???

Mhairi said...

I have seen these kits in Australia at Spotlight. Do you have anyone is Australia that could post it to you??
They cost about $40AUD and the postage would be about the same depending on how it was sent. Sea mail is cheaper than air obviously. I think a combination of fabrics would look lovely in your quilt.