Monday, November 5, 2012

Houston Quilt Festival

I went to my 1st Quilt Festival this past weekend.
My mother came down and my daughter drove. We left Friday and went to the Festival on Saturday.
One day was definately not enough.
My husband said he would take me next year and we would do a couple of days. My mother and daughter enjoyed it so much that they want to go back too.
I took a few pictures - even got in trouble for taking one I wasn't supposed to.
We only saw about a third of the quilts displayed.

My daughter loves cats and she fell in love with this one.
She's not a quilter but she can appreciate the quality.

My other daughter likes houses so I took this one for her. It was huge

You can't tell by the picture but this one has alot of sparklies

I thought this one was awesome. It was one of my favorites

This one is of the Houston Temple and the piecing was awesome. 
This was at the top of my favorite list. I think it is incrediable

My daughter bought me this quilt kit from one of the vendors for my birthday and Christmas.
I am dying to make it. I guess it will just have to wait - I'll just drool over it til then.
One thing that was really cool was running into some people that follow my blog.
If any of you are reading this I really enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again next year.

I will add some more pictures tomorrow


JJ said...

Wish I could have come. Maybe next year. It seems that something always comes up. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Martha said...

Margaret it was so great to meet you, your mom and your daughter. Thanks for stopping by Mama's Quilt Shop booth and you are so blessed to have a daughter who bought you that beautiful quilt kit. I am looking forward to seeing it when you get it made. I will be posting news from Houston on Bits and Pieces over the next few weeks. Hope you will stop by.