Monday, December 17, 2012

A finish and a start

Wow - I can't believe I actually got on my blog. My computer has gone on strike and won't let me cross the picket line.

I finished quilting my Dresden quilt and finally put the binding on. I had planned on selling it but the quilting didn't look that great (to me anyway) so I put it on the bed.
I sure thought it was a bigger quilt than it is. Turns out it barely covers a queen top.
I guess I will need to make another one - good chance to use up that mounting pile of scraps.

I went digging in my stash of quilt tops and came out with this one.
This was one of the 1st tops that my sister Beverly (Quilter's Corner)  put together.
So I started working on it this past weekend. As you can tell I haven't gotten very far.
Doesn't look like I will have a chance until the new year.
At leat with it set up I can grab a few minutes here and there (hopefully)

And now for the lighter side.
My daughter will be visiting after Christmas and I have an extra addition for her to take back with her.
I just couldn't resist taking this picture - so cute. The little one is mine and the larger one is a schnoodle.
She has 4 kids now and they soooo want a puppy but one has allergies - so a schnoodle it will be.

This is the most use my treadmill has had in awhile.


Angie said...

The picture of those furbabies is just adorable!! :D

LynCC said...

oh, so sweet! I love the quilting so far. :)

Needled Mom said...

The quilting looks beautiful and the puppy will be loved.