Friday, April 19, 2013

Quilt with No Name

I had a bunch of charm packs and thought I'd make a simple quilt that I could share with everyone.
Turns out with everything that has been going on it took a little longer to put together than I thought it would.
It's still not complete and still has a few issues but I have to put it aside for awhile and get back to other projects.
I did do some persision cutting which makes all the difference in the world. 
I use to just sew the pieces together and wonder why they didn't fit exactly right. 
A little extra time to do it right will make it go together easier and look so much better.


Lou said...

Squaring up is ot my favorite thing to do but it SO does help!!!!
Love the top so far!!!!

Saskia Smit said...

I agree. It cost a little time, but you will love the result.

Karin said...

I really need to head this myself I think it will help me a lot. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!