Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I worked on these Stack-n-Whacks over the weekend and decided I wasn't that crazy about them.
I wasn't sure if it was the colors or the fact that they were only 6 repeats.
I've never done 6 before, I have always done 8 repeats.

Anyway I took them apart last night and re-did them making them into stars.
I like these much better.
Hard to imagine they are the same just different shapes. 
I have the best of both worlds.
Stars and Stack-n-Whacks --- both my favorites.


Linda Crosby said...

The ReDo's are simple beautiful. Love your colors!!!!

Barb said...

I have always wanted to learn to do a stack in whack...was hoping while I was in Virginia to have Toni teach me but....time never permitted it. These are wonderful.

Karin said...

I give you my highest praise as this is something that boggles my mind yet I so appreciate your talent skill and beauty of this type of work.
From Karin @