Saturday, October 5, 2013


I have been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to blog.
So this is a two-fold GIVEAWAY.
I have been using my GO cutter to cut up some scraps and I have around 90 2.5" strips that I will giveaway using the random number generator. next Friday 10-11-13.
All you need to do to enter is comment with a name for a new business. My mind is a total blank. I will be quilting, sewing and doing embroidery. You don't have to follow or be a follower (it would be nice).
I have been reading up on it and I need something with a positive spin to it and Average Quilter isn't as positive as I would like. Although I do feel like it fits me.
Anyway just leave me a suggestion and I will draw a winner next Friday using the random number generator.


Saskia Smit said...

Participate in a siggyswap. Exchange one with me.

tiny said...

Greath give away and what do you think from Multiped Quilsters.
Have a nice weekend Tiny

Gene Black said...

Happy Stitches

Uptown Stitcher

Margaret's Uptown Stitching Post

Margaret Makes it

Outstanding Stitches

(I am a follower)

Lisa Marie said...

Margaret's Stitchery
Margaret's In Stitches
Margaret's Quilting and Stitchery
Beautiful Stitches
Custom Stitchery
Margaret's Custom Quilting and Sewing

I'll bet it's hard to come up with something that isn't already used! I listed some ideas but didn't check them out. I do follow your blog and think your skills are much better than average.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I know a new quilter who I would gift these on to. She is making a sampler quilt to learn a new technique with each block and she wants to use a variety of florals. I see this was already suggested, but first I thought of "Margaret's Custom Quilting".

Pam said...

Sew stitchy Quilter, Margaret's Sewing Adventure. It is a difficult call but I am sure that you will come up with the perfect name for you.

Gloria said...

Uptown Quilt 'n' Sew

Good luck with the new business!

Janarama said...

Busy Needles ... Stitching Galore ... or something as simple as Sew, Quilt, Embroidery

Joyce Carter said...

Hi Margaret. How about--Quilting Extraordinary or Quilting Etc or Quilted Delights. Lots of luck in choosing. I know you will pick the perfect name. Thank you for the giveaway.(I follow)

Jen said...

Love the strips! I like Miss Maragaret's Incredible Quiltorium! Or something with the word Stitch in it. Sew Sweet Stitcheries?

barbara woods said...

Great stitches and i follow

Michele T said...

How about 'Above Average Stitcher' or 'Maggie's Sew & Stitch' or 'Stitch Details'?
I follow your blog via Bloglovin' - thanks for the chance to win those strips... I see lots of pretty colours :-)

Michele T said...

Maggie's Custom Stitch Details

Gill said...

Margaret Sews
Super Sewing

Fiesta said...

Three leaf clover stitchin magic
Thanks for the chance

Sharla Trueblood said...

How about Above Average Quilting or Awesome Quilting or Busy Needles

Shauna said...

Hmmmm how about Quality Quilting or Heirlooms 4U

Kathy S. said...

How about linking the name to somewhere you live? For example, I live on Orchardview Drive. When I name my business it will be Orchardview Quilting. I'll put apple leaves and things on the card. I am a regular follower!

Karen said...

Quilting and More

Tammy said...

Margaret's Magical Stitching
Golden Sticheries
Divine needle Designs
Thread And Needle's
Magical Stitches
Thank you for the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.

Maxine said...

Shoebox Quilting Services (to link back to your first quilt and to spark interest and conversation.)

Needled Mom said...

With so many talents, how about "With Needle and Thread"? (WNT) You are certainly NOT an average quilter.

Pat V. said...

Stitched by Margaret

Nancy said...

Not Your Average Quilter
The Better Quilter

I'll come back if I think of other ideas.

CarrieM said...

Spun Wisdom

Margaret said...

Quilts to dream on I really have a hard time naming something.Thanks Hope you find a name but the one you have now sounds good to me.

Bridget B said...

How about Margaret's Stitchery Shop

Tricia said...

I think "Memories in the Making" would really appeal to the everyone's sentimental side. This would work for whatever avenue your venture takes you. That way you aren't "pigeon-holed" into just the "quilting" click, "embroidery" click, etc. I think it would be a great fit for your business.

Thank you for the chance to win these yummy strips. I love working with bits that might otherwise get tossed.


MoeWest said...

My suggestion is Marvelous Stitches.

Joanna said...

Margeret's Craft Room has a nice ring to it. Good luck in your new venture.

KT said...

Hmm a name. How about

A Typical Quilter
Everyday Quilter
Custom Quilter

All spins on average, if you really like it! :)

JLVerde said...

You want to leave behind the "average"? That makes me think of playing toward the "improving", like maybe:

A Stitch in the Right Direction

One Stitch at a Time

Or if you want silly,

You Must Stitch It

(a play on Devo's song Whip It)

JJ said...

How about Down Home Stitchin or maybe Stitching Southern Style or Louisiana Stitcher or Southern Comforts.

StarofMoonDancer said...

Fairy Stitching Shop

Linda Crosby said...

Stitching with Margaret
thanks for the chance to win!

Catskill Quilter said...

How about Extraordinary Stitches? I can't wait to see what you choose!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sew Quilty

Jo said...

I like the idea of Margaret makes a job for Jo, Jim's suggestions are many but mostly run along the lines of Margaret's mess and mayhem, or Miracle of madness, but he did inadvertently come up with one that's not so bad, Over the top, which kind of implies you go as above and beyond as you do.

c said...

The Quilt Bag
Fancy Fab's
Making Memories Quilt Shop
Seasons Captured in Quilts
Family Quilts
Bolts of Fabrics
Stitching at Margarets
Stitching Post


txquilter said...

How aboutNeedle and Thread? That about covers it!