Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sampler Quilt

I know most samplers are of quilt blocks but this one is a sampler of quilting designs.
The top is just a panel fabric that I used for placement.
I used 4 squares for the quilting block. 
I took a bunch of pictures to get a better view of all the blocks and these were the best.
Not great I know.

I guess instead of a sampler quilt we could call it a lazy quilt. I just have a hard time with log cabins.
I guess we all have one thing we don't really excell at or I should say that we don't like doing.
Log cabins are mine.


Needled Mom said...

......but they look so pretty!!!! I love that quilting.

regan said...

These designs are beautiful.....I especially like the two on the left bottom. Nice!

Sue Daurio said...

What a great idea and great way to show the versatility in quilting. I love all the different motifs.

Gene Black said...

That is an excellent way to practice or show off you quilting without having to piece a top. It looks great.

Lee said...

I agree with Gene! Great work - I love it!