Monday, February 24, 2014

2 Quilt Tops

I've been trying to clean up lately and that means getting some projects finished.
I usually have left over fabric and/or blocks when I piece a quilt.
When I made the 2 brown quilts I had left over squares, so I started placing them on my design floor to see what I could come up with.
I ended up having to make a few more squares but I was limited with the leftover fabric.
I thought it turned out pretty good except there was something not quite right about it.
I couldn't figure it out unil just a few minutes ago.
Now I'm wondering if I want to go through all the trouble to fix it or just leave it alone.
I also had this partially finished. I had ordered this kit from Connecting Threads but I wasn't happy with the size, so I ordered more fabric to make it just a little bit larger.
Now it's probably a little too long but I think it looks better this way.



LynCC said...

Ok, I give up! What's wrong with the browns quilt? (And I think my vote would be: Leave it!) ;D

LOVE the blue added around the other quilt. It helps it all pop so prettily.

Sue Daurio said...

I'm with Lynn I stared and stared at the browns quilt and I just don't see it. I LOVE the colors of the connecting threads kit

Sharon Jones said...

Both quilts are lovely. Have stared and come back to stare some more at brown quilt, I givebyp, cannot find anything wrong with it.

Pam said...

Don't change it I love the quilt the way it is. The only thing i see that may be wrong is two roll of the same, where the color changes and that may not even be it.