Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reindeer Quilt

I finally finished the Reindeer Quilt.
As usual I'm not real happy with the quilting.
But this time it's justified.
I did alot of stippling trying to make the designs stand out.
Since the back won't be seen much this will work.
I made this for my oldest daughter and I have another one for my youngest.
I probably won't get to that one til next year.
Sure felt good to get this one out of the frame.


Motherdragon's Musings said...

What a pretty Christmas quilt.

Jeanne Gwin said...

I knew it would be beautiful. Your daughters will be so pleased. You amaze me. I can't wait until Christmas is over so I can put my pictures up of the quilts I've made. Merry Christmas Margaret.

Needled Mom said...

That makes a great Christmas quilt.

Calicojoan said...

Beautiful quilt!