Monday, May 4, 2015

Dear Jane remembered

Since I finished my quilt I needed to find something to do.
What can I say - the choices are limitless.
I didn't really want to start another quilt since I have so many going already.
So that left finding something that has already been started.
I knew I don't have enough time to complete anything so I decided on Dear Jane.
I worked on these part of the day Friday and most of the day Saturday.
I have one quilt with muslin background and one with white.
A little hindsight and I think I would rather done one with a darker color background.
So sad...So sorry --it's not happening now.

As usual the camera doesn't show the true colors. 

This will put me at 55 squares completed (for each)out of 225.
I'm not even halfway.
If I don't forget about it again I might finish it before I croke.

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Needled Mom said...

You will not be disappointed when it is all finished. They look wonderful.