Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handbag Contest

I came across this "Handbag of the Month Contest" at Studio Kat Designs and thought it might be of interest to some.

Also has any used the Martelli Ergo Rotary cutter.It's supposed to be better if you have problems with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hand fatigue, neck or arm pain. I saw it on Quilters Mate. I'd love to know if it helps.


Needled Mom said...

That is an interesting sounding cutter. It will be fun to read what people think of it.

Anonymous said...

I have been using these for at least 5 or 6 years and do find them easier on your hands. Make sure you look at the diagram for how to position your hand.

Janice said...

I use this and find it easier on my carpel tunnel. It also cuts very clean. Takes a little getting use to, but once you do it is great.