Thursday, November 3, 2011


I finally have a wall that I can use for design. I moved the hanging rack I have had in front of this wall to give me more space in the sewing room and I have been looking at this wall for weeks now. Last night I thought I'd give this a try. There isn't a whole lot of room to move around but at least I can put my pieces here instead of the floor.

So these are the 1st pieces to go on the wall.
I'm not crazy about the rectangles
I think I like the diamonds better (doesn't really matter now). I have a few ideas for sashing and placement.
This sure gives me a better visual and I can leave it up while I think on it.


Bev S said...

That is great. I love the owls so much. No matter how you put them it will be great.

Needled Mom said...

The owls look so cute and I love that you can put them up to view. A little sashing on those rectangular owls would be a lovely way to square them up.

Anonymous said...

What exactly did you hang on the wall?

regan said...

Congrats on your new design wall! It makes such a difference, doesn't it? And I love the owls on point! Very sweet!

Jen said...

You are going to love the design wall, it makes life so much better! I agree with the diamonds, it puts the focus more on the owls! looking good!

LynCC said...

Ahhh The diamonds are perfect for these WONDERFUL owls!