Monday, June 4, 2012

My Italy Surprise

My daughter just got back from Italy and sent me a nice little gift. I now have more fabric for my stash and if you think I have a big fabric stash you should see my earrings. I can add these 2 beauties to my collection.

I now have the other owl quilt put together and almost ready for the frame. I still need to find the time to mark it. 

And you talk about a bust. I spent my weekend working on these star blocks. I made 2 of each - one for my block swap partner and one to use for a clock. I'm not happy with either one.
So what do you do with something that doesn't work out - trash it ??
I definately won't be using these for anything - I ashamed to even think that I made them.

I can probably use this one but it's 16" from tip to tip. Maybe I can do some flying geese around it and use it as a starting point for a new quilt top
And to top it all off I'm having trouble with my blog. When I look at it it lists all the post then lists all the gadgets on the sidebar underneath. It isn't doing it for anyone but me (sounds like a song). I would love to know what I've done.


regan said...

I'm sorry????.....Why are these star blocks a bust???? They look amazing to me! Perfect in every way! I'm not seeing anything wrong with them!

Oh, and those earrings and fabrics are beautiful! Yay!

Barbara @ Nähtante Quilts said...

Your owls quilt is gorgeous! The pinwheel border makes it really special.