Thursday, July 12, 2012

Folded Flower Hexie Tutorial

Let's see if I can go through this without being too confusing.
First thing is to cut out some hexigons. I made mine out of charm squares because I wanted a larger size. I usually starch the fabric - it holds a crease better and is easier to work with. Also I hand sew mine but that is a preference.
 Fold the hex in half and finger press. Rotate it and make 2 more folds.

Next make a fold bringing the flat side in to the previous creased line.

Do this for all the sides.  That will be six folds. If you prefer to use an iron to make the folds make sure to only press the outside edge.

Next fold 2 sides down and pinch out the corner to make the 1st pleat. This should have a crease on each side so you can see where it is.

I hand sew (or machine) along the crease. This is not necessary but I felt it would help keep the fabric together better.

Open the pleat and finger press flat. Now fold the bottom outside corners in toward the middle of the pleat

I usually use my needle to bring in both sides at once. Finger press (or iron) this down and you have the 1st petal.

Now I tack the point so it will stay in place while I work on the remaining petals. Continue this process for all the petals to complete the flower.

I am cutting another hexigon out of fusible batting that I am putting inside my hexies.
Complete about 3 petals then insert the batting or put it in when you begin.

I now have a completed flower hexigon with all the petals tacked in the center.
I haven't decided what to put in the middle yet. I have tons of buttons and that would be the easy solution but I think I want something with a little bling. So I have been playing with the idea of 8mm crystals. Of course neither of those ideas are set in stone - who knows.

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. If it is just let me know and I will try and explain it differently.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing this - I think this is a great thing to add to a bag with a pretty button.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Obrigada!!!Para mim ficou claro e fácil,esse acolchoado eu nem tinha ideia...Lindo.

LynCC said...

This is wonderful, Margaret. Thanks so much for taking the time to work up the tutorial!