Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simon Beck - Snow Artist

I was going to show some of my stuff today but decided to show this instead.
This amazing work was done by artist Simon Beck.

He creates these sensational patterns in the snow along the lakes of Savoie, France. 

Spending  5-9 hours a day plodding through the snow in raquettes (snowshoes) 
 The man must be a quilter at heart. These designs are so percise
 At least when I make a mistake I can take a seam ripper, rip it out and fix the problem. I wonder what he does when he makes a misstep

I'm just in awe. I truly love seeing a great artist and couldn't help but share.


regan said...

These are so gorgeous! I read somewhere that he used to be a mapmaker, and that all he uses is a compass! Sheesh! I sometimes hold up a quilting ruler, and am confused when trying to find the correct angle! lol

LynCC said...

I;ve seen most of these before - they really are mind boggling, aren't they! Glad you shared them.

PippaP said...

I've seen these before, he's in the french press quite a bit, I'd love to fly over, wouldn't it be amazing, like huge wholecloth quilts in the snow

Needled Mom said...

I, too, have seen these before and just marvel at the skill. Thanks so much for sharing them with us again.

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

I have never seen those before. I have seen the ones done in sand. Those are truely awesome.