Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Block

As you can probably tell this is paper pieced.
When I got home from work on Monday I didn't feel like quilting so I decided to work on my forgotten BOM.
It took all evening to do this one block.
I have seen something called Fun Dation for paper piecing. Has anyone used it and how good it it?
It is like a stabilizer that you put the pattern on and you don't have to tear it off if you don't want to.
I would love to know how it works in a project


LeAnne said...

I haven't tried Fundations before, but have you ever thought of paperless paper piecing? You use freezer paper (ironing it makes it stick to the fabric) and fold the paper back on the line and sew right along it. Check out Cheryl Malkowski's book Blocks to Diamonds on Amazon. The Look Inside feature shows you her technique.

Needled Mom said...

I have not tried it either. Your block is really gorgeous.

Gene Black said...

I have never heard of it until now. But then I am not much of a paper piecing quilter. I should learn to do it again and make some fun pointy designs like yours.

estetik said...

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