Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Qwl and Tee Shirt

I am so bad.
It has been awhile since I have even looked at my blog.
I need a sceretary to keep up on my posts and visiting.
I finished the owl quilt for my daughter to give as a gift.
What can I say - I like owls.
I need to get busy and make some more.
I found this design to use on the quilter and have been dying to use it.
I was just an inch and a half short on the backing fabric so I decided to piece pinwheels.
It turned out cute. I could have centered the back a little more but that's life.
I learned a long time ago I'm not perfect.
Thus the name Average Quilter. 
I also put his name on it.
But since he wasn't born yet we just went with the year. 
I've also been working on this tee shirt quilt for a customer.
I have alot of fun doing these - it just takes alot of interfacing.
I used a fleur des lis pattern on the back.
She was thrilled with the results. 
I do take orders.

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