Sunday, August 21, 2016

Louisiana Flood

That's all I can say
We lost everything we own.
I have been so excited to retire and play in my sewing room.
I had (notice I said had) everything I could ever want or need.

This is my 2016 Maxima after the water went down.

The morning of the 13th the water came in so fast we had to wait in the truck until we were rescued.
That's my husband's truck and my car in the background.
We were at 2 1/2' within 2 hours.

 My house took almost 6' of water
I took this on our1st walk thru of the house.
This is my embroidery machine.
The quilting machine is behind it.
Both machines were under water for 4 days

This is a picture of my life in front of my house.
Everyone's house looks just like this
Nothing left -
 heartbreaking to throw away all my beautiful fabric and machines.
It was gutted today

 It will be along time before I will be able to do any sewing.
We ended up being boated out of 3 places last Saturday
Ended up staying with strangers for a few days.
Now we are at my daughters.
Who know what will come next or how long it will take our town to recover.

We are blessed that we were able to survive -


Nancy said...

I'm so sorry. What an awful experience to have to endure. I'm so glad you and your husband are safe. Is there any chance insurance will help?
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Gene Black said...

I knew what had happened to you as your sister told me. I am so sorry that you lost so much. I can only imagine the things you must be feeling.

Quilting Babcia said...

These catastrophes are sad beyond words, I know how sick your heart must feel right now. Please know you and your neighbors are in the prayers of many.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh sweetie - I had no idea you were in this area and I am so sorry for all your loss. I know the fright and sick feeling and sense of loss having gone thru this with storm Irene. Your priorities are feeling safe, finding a home, food and self. BUT please let us know when and how we can help you.

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness. Sorry to hear about such a horrible thing happening to you.

Needled Mom said...

Barb let me know what happened. That is simply devastating. I am so glad you are safe and with family there. It had to be heartbreaking to see your home with all of that damage. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

barbara woods said...

so sorry for your lost, prayers and hugs

Mara said...

I'm so sorry for your lose, glad you are okay, is there anything I can do for you?

Motherdragon's Musings said...

I watched on television, the devastating floods affecting Louisanna, and my heart broke for the people affected.

I know what you are going through. In 1974, a flood came through parts, Brisbane, Australia, many of our possessions were lost.

Your lives are the most important thing to have saved.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

I wish we were closer and that I could share my stash with you.

Naomi said...

So sorry for your material losses. God will provide. I'm happy to know that you and your husband are well. I can only imagine what a terrible experience it must have been. I hope you continue holding up and keeping strong. Keep your dreams alive no matter what. María Méndez S.
Costa Rica

JJ said...

It is an awful thing to happen to anyone. Your family and friends are grateful that you and your family are okay. We love you and our prayers are with you.

Mary Bolton said...

Will gladly share from my stash when you are ready.

Melody A. said...

I am so sorry for your loss of everything you were happy with! I own a fabric shop so I would love to send you some new fabric to play with. It is very powerful the blessings we get from doing this type of activity !! God bless you and yours and I am glad you are safe and cared for by loved ones.