Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome show

I was looking around on the net and I came across this show. Boy I wish I had of been in New York for the American Folk Art Museum Infinite Variety show. This would have been an awesome show to go to and it was free.
Joanna S. Rose has accumulated about 651 red-and-white quilts since the late 1950s. The armory display was a birthday present for, and from, Mrs. Rose, who turned 80 several months ago. She had never seen the quilts all at once.

More pictures and the article can be found

or you can go look at Pat Sloan's flicker

My mother would have loved this show
Makes me want to do a red-n-white


Needled Mom said...

Aren't they gorgeous?

Barb said...

There are so many awesome bloggers who have shown pictures of these quilts...I so have enjoyed them also.....what about your red and white stitchery (you really should show everyone that).

JJ said...

wow that is a lot of red and white quilts.

LynCC said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! I got to see this!!!! My youngest daughter and I already happened to be taking a trip to NYC for her spring break, and at 13, she was a doll and said we could stop in to check it out. Wow, did it take BOTH of our breaths away!! You can't imagine how truly stunning it was to walk into the exhibit. So glad people had blogged about this when it was upcoming, so I'd know to pop over to the Armory while we were there.