Thursday, April 7, 2011

martelli rotary cutter

I know I've already blogged about the martelli rotary cutter but that was before I had one. At that time I didn't know how it would work. Now that I have one I can say that I love it. I have much more control and it fits in my hand perfectly. It was well worth the money.
I have also found a video that talks about the cutter, mats, rulers and the zip bind system. I am such a sucker for new toys, especially if I think they will make my work easier(that's just an excuse - I'm a sucker plain and simple). It also shows about their quilting machine and frame - (I don't even want to know how much that costs) it looks awesome.
Martelli also has a good machine oil that they talk about on the video
I just watched the video on the zip bind and it was so simple - where were all these tools when I was learning how to bind quilts.....I don't mean to bore anyone with this information but I felt if I put it out here then I would know where to find it when I needed it.

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Barb said...

Why!!! Why!!! Did you post that!!!!! I love toys....and this zip bind looks soooo awesome!!! Why!!!!!