Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toni's Round Robin

A few years ago we (family members) did a round robin and this is the one my daughter ended up with. She gave it to me to quilt and I thought I would practice on a pantograph. Now that I've done one I can say I don't really care for them. I don't like working from the back side of the machine. Maybe later it might be more fun.
Now I need to bind it and it will be finished. I'll just put it in my to-do stack for later.

I had the worst time with the tension. I was ready to just take it out and say forget it and then I decided to change the bobbin. Amazing what something simple like that will do. No more pre-wound bobbins for me. It works so much better winding my own. I had read somewhere not to use the pre-wounds and now I know why.

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Bev S said...

That turned out great. I have been trying to get mine done but keep coming up against a brick wall.

JJ said...

Hey that turned out great you want to do mine too. It is somewhere in this mess.

Frog Quilter said...

Ditto on pantos and working from the back of the machine. I guess I'm a freee motion girl.