Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Toy

I go with my husband to Harbor Freight - it's almost as good as a fabric store.
We went the other day and I found these magnetic tool trays.
The minute I saw them I knew what I could use them for.
It fits perfectly on top of my old Singer and I don't have to worry about the vibration making it fall.
And the best thing is it only cost $2

I use one beside my newer machine to keep my seam rippers - now they aren't on the floor.
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sew.darn.quilt said...

I'm the same with hardware stores and automotive shops with my husband too :) Princess Auto, has these parts trays for the same...2 bucks!
Great idea!

Needled Mom said...

I need to go get myself one!!!

Kimberly Cassie @ Quilty Doodads said...

If you have a computerized machine, I've heard that magnets can harm the computer.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Big ooops! Magnets sitting on or near your computerized machine can wipe out the machine's memory!!!
(Would work great on a more vintage machine, however.)
I do love Harbor Freight--my problem is getting there at a time it's not over run with so many guys that the line is out the door. (Need to figure out a way to get there during the week!)

Gene Black said...

A trip to a place like that is always interesting to see what I can use for quilting and/or art supplies...you just have to have an open mind and think outside the box.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I have to confess, I have 4 magnetic pin keeps and several pin cushions....I'm a junkie!

I've heard not to put it near your machine so I keep mine off to the side. Perhaps your local machine repair shop can tell you specifically if it will affect your machine.