Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Ladybug

I hadn't realized how long it has been since I posted anything.  
It would be nice if I had more to show for my time but I don't.

Anyway I finally got my second cabinet finished.
The one on the right was the 1st one I made and had a few issues. It looks good and works nicely but I don't like mistakes. (You would think I wouldn't mind them so much considering how many I make) Anyway I'm giving that one to my sister.
And my sweet husband cut the wood for me another one over the weekend.
That means more sanding, painting and drilling. Sewing is so much easier on my hands.

Here is my youngest with her 2 boys.
The one in the middle turned 3 last Friday.

Now, for what I've been working on.
I was asked to make another ladybug quilt and this is what I came up with.
It has been in the frame for 3 weeks. But since I spent most of my time playing with wood I didn't get it out as quickly as I would have liked.

I took the pictures in a hurry and you can't see the quilting as well as I would like.
After I get the binding on I will take some more.

I put her name on the bottom too.
I do believe this is a little girl quilt.



Needled Mom said...

There just isn't time for everything, is there?

Cute little ones there!!!

Sidney's quilt is very sweet.

JJ said...

Nice project, did you say you were giving it to your favorite older sister;)The grandkids are growing up so fast. Love the ladybugs.

Gene Black said...

You can call me your "sister" if you give me the cabinet. :)
Welcome back.