Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Back

Yeah --I can finally post
I guess my computer decided I wasn't going to give up trying so it just let me in.
I can't remember everything I've done since the last time I posted.
Shoot I have trouble just remembering yesterday.
I finished my Fleur de lis and it turned out awesome.
I quilted it with a e2e fleur de lis pattern.
I would show you but the backing is black and you can't see it very well.
I also finished the star stack n whack.
It also has a black backing and the pictures don't show the quilting.
This was the 1st time I did the stackn whack as an applique.
I haven't got the binding on yet either.
When the weather clears up some I'll be able to get some good pictures. 
I also finished my pinwheel baby quilt.
I wanted to do something with scallopped edges
The front turned out really nice.
I'm not crazy about how the back looks.
It's a baby blue fabric.
Here's Waldo - can you find the mistake?? 

I also bought some bobbin cases for my longarm..
But they are for a Gammill.
So anyone needing Gammill bobbin cases I will sell them cheap. 
Thank you for stopping by

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