Monday, December 5, 2011

My Blocks Complete

I joined the Block Swap Adventure at the begining of  the year and I have really enjoyed the ride. The hardest part for me was to actually remember.  Usually I forget and before I know it I'm running late. Just like the last 3 months. If I'm not carefull they just might kick me out (lol)

Yesterday I got busy and did my block partners for Oct, Nov, and Dec - Now I'm all caught up

I brought them to work with me today and if I don't forget I will go mail them at lunch.
 It sure is rough getting old - the mind just isn't what it use to be.


Needled Mom said...

I can definitely relate. Maybe we can start our own senior memory lapse swap!!!!!! SMLS...hmmmm????

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

don't you just love a deadline to get you motivated LOL Your blocks turned out great!

Bev S said...

Those look so cute.