Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Quilt in the Making

I've been asked to make an owl baby quilt. This is how I decided to make the blocks. The owl is small so I thought if I added a border that it would look alot better.  Only thing is it has now become a twin quilt. I will probably break it up and make 2 little ones.

I sewed the border strips together then cut them on a 45. So I ended up with a bunch of scrap triangles and decided to sew them together to make the little blocks in the sashing.

 Now the big problem is I'm almost out of the stripe fabric - Typical.
I'm thinking about making pinwheels for the sashing to go along with my scrap blocks - but no fabric.
Oh No - I have to go shopping


wackywoman said...

Oh darn, shopping! 'tis very cute.

Gene Black said...

Oh well, go shopping..someone has to do it!

Bev S said...

Turned out so cute. Hey more material what's up Mom and I know your stash. But oh well we all love more material.