Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Snappers

Ever since I got my longarm quilter I have been trying to figure out a better way to load my quiilts.
I started with pinning. That was a pain - literally. I usually stuck my fingers at least once and it seamed like it took forever.
Then I tried using velcro. I sewed one side to the leaders and the other to each end of the backing and one end to the top. That meant when I finished quilting I had to rip all that off.
When I finish quilting I didn't like taking the time to do all that ripping.

So I thought I would try Ranae Haddadin's Red Snappers
A casing is sewn to the leaders and a flexible rod is inserted in each for the quilt top and backs.
The clamp pieces are then snapped down to hold the fabric in place.
It eliminates the need for pins, staples, Velcro, zippers or basting.

I loaded my first quilt with them last night and the process was so much easier and I'm sure that when I finish it will be so much nicer not having to do all that ripping.

This rod and clamp system is available to fit 10' , 12'  and 14' quilting frames.  
Red Snappers are developed with Clip-n-Seal a patent pending design.


beaquilter said...

they are on my wish list, I don't hate pinning, but this sure would be easier, maybe well worth the $$, heard someone cut out the long clamps to 18" sections are yours like that? did you take your leaders off to sew the pole inside it or use the long arm?

JJ said...

wow that sounds great. Sometimes it takes longer to load and unload a quilt than it took to quilt it. I will have to keep my eye out for them.