Monday, February 21, 2011

Cutting Edge Rulers

The Cutting Edge rulers are a new product designed by Pat Sloan and the good people at Sullivan's.  Pat is a very well known pattern and fabric designer, and has written countless books for Leisure Arts.   Sullivan's is known for their sewing furniture and cutting tables, but they are really moving forward into the spotlight with some of their revolutionary new products like the Cutting Edge Rulers.
 The Cutting edge Ruler is an acrylic ruler that has a 650 grit Diamond Carbide edge that is bonded to the ruler.  What you really want to know is will the sharpener edge come off at some point?  The answer is no, that is highly unlikely even for the most used ruler.  The sharpener edge is there for good.

I copied this info from The Fresh Cut Blog where they are having a giveaway that ends today.

 I will be getting one of these.

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Barb said...

Does it really sharpen your rotary cutter?